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Is A New Home For You?

Our wonderful city of Vacaville is expanding and many beautiful new home developments are arising.
Perhaps you have considered making a life-changing move and buying your very first home. Or, you’ve
decided to sell your current home and purchase a brand-new home that may not even be built yet. If
that is the case, you’re excited and want to make the right decisions. Understandably, with that may
come a measure of uncertainty and apprehension. Walking into the Sales Office of a new home
development may seem a little intimidating. I’d like to discuss some things that can make your decision-
making process a little easier.

Several points that may arise are: What questions should be asked? What is negotiable? Where can I go
for assistance if I need help throughout the process?

What Questions Should Be Considered?
Picking the perfect home for you and your family can be challenging, especially if the home
development you are thinking about is still under construction. It may be hard to picture what it will be
like once it’s completed and the dust settles.

Some major factors to consider: In the future, will this street become busier? Will the surrounding
homes have two stories, looking down into my backyard? Are there future developments planned around
this area (such as, schools, shopping developments, fire stations, etc.)?

Be aware of any special taxes that may be enforced in the area you are considering. For instance, Mello
Roos. Ask, if required, what are the costs and what will the annual tax rate be? In addition, common
requirements for many developments are Homeowner’s Association fees (HOA). Will your new home
development have them, what do they include and what will the monthly cost be?

These are just a few questions that will help gather the information you need to make the best decision
possible, when choosing the perfect location of your new home.

New home developments advertise their homes at the base price however the actual home cost is the
base price plus any selected builder upgrades. What you may not know is that many factors may be
negotiable: price, upgrades, buyer’s closing costs and terms of the sale, just to name a few.
Understanding this may help you keep in line with the budget you have set out for your family.

With the vast amount of information to take in when purchasing a new home, it can become
overwhelming. Keep in mind you are not required to use the Sales Representative from the new home
development office. You have the option of using a licensed Realtor and I highly recommend you do so.
Compare it to going into court with an Attorney. Would you go to court without representation of a
trustworthy attorney who is working in your best interest? Nor should you make one of the biggest
investments of your life, such as buying a home, without professional representation. A dedicated
Realtor can take the guess work out of the home buying process and most importantly, have the interest
of you and your family at heart.